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Amsterdam tourism carrying capacity in 2021

This study presents the results of the second measurement of the carrying capacity for tourism in Amsterdam. It looks at the neighbourhoods in which the carrying capacity for tourism was strained in 2021 and at the improvements and/or deteriorations in comparison to the first measurement in 2019.

The previous measurement in 2019 was performed during a year of peak tourism. This follow-up measurement was performed in a year with few tourists due to COVID-19, lock-downs and travel limitations. This coincides with considerably improved liveability in neighbourhoods in which the tourism load is traditionally high.

First of all, there are now only two neighbourhoods in which the carrying capacity is under pressure, as compared to three in 2019. Secondly, we note several neighbourhoods that have experienced strong improvements in liveability; as a result of this, the carrying capacity here is either no longer at stake (Grachtengordel-Zuid) or the neighbourhoods can bear the pressure well (Grachtengordel-West and Jordaan). Tourism carrying capacity is measured using two parameters: 'tourism pressure' and 'tourism-related liveability'. Both parameters are composed of various indicators, such as perceived nuisance from holiday rentals, the number of attractions and tourism offerings.